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Repairing Drains With DIY Tools

A home is a living space that provides safety and security for an individual, a family, or a household. It’s a place where they could rest, eat, and grow. As expected, these activities of daily living generate waste in the long run. While a home serves as a sanctuary for its residents, proper waste disposal and effective waste management is a key to keep it liveable. 

A key element to achieve this is to delegate this responsibility amongst the household members. Empowering them with the knowledge and skills on how to manage minor repairs is essential as long as the tools to do so are provided. 

In repairing clogged household drainage systems, calling a professional to attend to it every time may end up burrowing a hole to a household’s budget. Possibly, it can be managed quickly by an adult using these DIY tools which are also used by drainage engineering companies in Australia.

Repairing Drains With DIY Tools

The Basic Tools

Be smart and have a toolbox complete of the essentials. Keep it available and accessible when needed. This is a smart way of living that can help you a lot in saving money and time. Having this may facilitate a quick fix of the annoying blocked drainage.

Ex. Screwdrivers, wrenches, rubber hose, pliers

The Plunger

Different kinds of plungers could help greatly in taking a blockage out. 

1.  The cup plunger. This is most commonly seen in many households or even your own. You usually see this as a long wooden handle and a red rubber cup at the end. This is most effective when used with drainages that are embedded on a flat surface, such as in the case of a blocked kitchen sink and the bathroom floor. 

2.  The flange plunger is the recommended one in dealing with the greatest pain of all, a blocked toilet. Yes, it’s not advisable to use the first one with the toilet because of hygienic reasons. 

3. The accordion plunger has the most power in dislodging blocked drainage if what clogs it is more than water. Yes, it’s better to have a background of these specially made plungers for each scenario.

Chemicals That Help in Clearing Clogs

You see this most of the time in commercials on TV or advertisements that show up when you watch lifestyle shows and home or interior management series on YouTube. It is the easiest drainage repair DIY tool as it just requires you to pour its contents into the clogged drain. Leave it for several hours afterwards to give time for the dissolve contents like grub, hair, large food particles. 

There are a lot of choices to consider. Just be reminded of the precautionary ways of storing it. Usually, it mentions separating it from anything edible, the importance of storing it at room temperature, and that it is poisonous. Be mindful of handling this, most especially, if you’re living with children.

Now, what if the drainage problem at hand is simple and you do not feel like spending the energy to clean the drains? In such cases, you might want to opt for these eco-friendly chemical drain cleaners. We would like to talk a bit more about using environmentally friendly alternatives for such products. When it comes to cleaning the drains, you want something that isn’t full of chemicals and is safe for your family’s health and the health of your pipes. Here are two examples:

a. ‘Unique Natural’ super digest it drain cleaner

This is a professional strength concentrate that works its way through drains that are clogged for fast and effective results. It only takes one hour for the pipes to be unclogged, clean and deodorised. Unique natural is non-abrasive on toilets, grease traps, septic tanks and garbage disposals. The reason is because this cleaner does not leave metal burns, harm seals or freezes.

b. Earthworm family safe cleaner

This type of drain cleaner uses natural enzymes and water which help to break down any organic matters. This product is environmentally friendly and safe to use around the family with the added benefit of being biodegradable. This product can be used on kitchen sinks, bathroom drains, floor drains, garbage bins and bathroom drains. You can even use the product on your boat and caravan, grease traps and septic systems.

The Hand Auger, commonly known as the Snake

This is a long, flexible wire used as a drainage-cleaning tool. It is tube-like in appearance that effectively pushes blockages out of the pipe. With the help of a grip handle that carefully pushes the remaining wire down the drain, it allows the clog to adhere through its small clasp on the end. This can be easily manipulated making the removal of the junk that piled up causing the blockage complete.

The Closet Auger

Its long, steel cable is tough enough to work its way through the most stubborn clogs. Made especially for clearing a blocked toilet, this may be used manually to reach impossible curvature of the drainage.

Most of the DIY procedures mentioned above are fairly easy for a homeowner to perform. As it happens, you get to develop the skill on how to do it which becomes the preliminary training for it whenever you’ll have to deal with it the second time around. It’s quite simple but it helps a lot in maintaining a clean living environment for the members of the family.